I’m a dedicated and driven Graphic Designer. I’m proud of my academic and professional achievements — and am happy to share them with you. 

Scroll Down and take a look at some of my work.
Westlake High School Cheer Banquet Print Designs
Volunteering and giving back to the community is something I enjoy doing.  What an opportunity, to use my skills and support my Alma Matter - so, stepped in and created the prints, banners, and posters for the 2022 - 23 Annual Westlake High School Spirit Cheer Banquet. 
MD Sporthorse
 Designing the MD Sporthorse logo, a Horse Racing Ranch run by Max Dolger in Belgium, was exciting. He reached out and asked me to create his company logo. Max was looking for something that was simple, incorporated his initials “MD” while also drawing in some kind of reference to his horses. After many revisions, this was the final logo. We were both very Proud! 

This logo has become the establishment‘s branding on their trucks, equipment, and all online retail material being sold.
Greek Festival Designs
For this project, I worked with a team to design posters, logos, and even geofilters for Snapchat. Most of them were to help promote the Ventura County Greek Festival that usually happens in June. The “order here” and “pick-up here” signs were created for personal usage for my booth at the festival.

Over the years I have created many different graphics and signs for this organization. For these particular designs, I stuck with the traditional blue and white colors that represent the Greek flag. I also used the color red because that has been a staple color within this organization since its beginnings. Because Greek Folk Dance is a tradition, I included a vector art of a Folk Dancer.
The Original Greek Festival - Houston, Texas
I created t-shirt designs for the Craft Beer Booth at the Festival
Personal Branding Suite
Here is my branding suite. The colors and designs are simple but still has that bit
of creativeness to it. I chose these colors because I felt they best represented me and my style as a designer.
Helvetica Typeface Brochure
For this project, I took the font "Helvetica" created by Max Miedinger and his quotes and turned them into a creative brochure using colors and typography. I decided to go with Max Miedinger and his Helvetica font because, throughout my studies as a Graphic Designer, the Helvetica font has been my go-to.
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Pasta Amore Print Designs

 This project was especially fun because I got to create a brochure and menu for an Italian Restaurant. Although it was just a hypothetical restaurant to showcase my design skills, it's still one of my favorite things i've created. These took a long time to design, & of course, I used the traditional Italian colors and made it fun by adding illustrations of different kinds of pasta and Italian foods.

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